Industry Partner: Hydrogenics GmbH

Operator partner: Wuppertaler Stadtwerke GmbH

Other stakeholder: Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network NRW



The purpose of the study will be to develop a strategy for the integration of fuel cell
buses in two different scenarios.

The first scenario is the first rollout with around 30 buses and a PEM water
electrolyser system (c.700 kg/day) with up to three days’ storage (1,2 tons) and a
combined hydrogen refuelling station close to the bus lane.

The second scenario aims to evaluate the feasibility for deploying a HRS at one of
the bus depots to provide the whole bus fleet with H2.

The objective is the fuel cell bus procurement with on-site hydrogen production,
storage and dispersion in collaboration with many WSW businesses (energy supply &
services, waste management, water production) in compliance with the applicable
safety, environmental friendly and cost-efficiency standards.