Industry Partners: Ingenieurbüro Bergmeister, SIEMENS, Linde

Operator partners: IIT, STA (Linked Third Party)

Other stakeholders: Linde Gas Austria, SASA, Eco Center

Linde AG



– Bolzano plans to adopt a strategic plan for FC bus rollout over the next 15 years. An H2-Center operated by IIT already has the capacity to refuel 15-20 FC buses daily. The engineering study will evaluate the feasibility of (a) HRS deployment at the existing bus depot and (b) H2 production via electrolysis powered by a nearby waste incineration plant will be evaluated as a modular, ‘green’ H2 provision strategy. Finding solutions for pipeline distribution between production and dispensing sites , increasing reliability of overall supply system and satisfying local industrial safety regulations will receive special attention within the study.