• Birmingham

Partner description
Birmingham City Council (BCC) is Europe’s largest Metropolitan authority responsible for delivery of a large number of services across the city, including Transportation policy, regeneration & economic development, Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Services. Key partnerships include the Local Economic Partnership, where Birmingham plays a key role within the Region to support transport and mobility.

Aligned to this role is the strategic relationship with the West Midlands Bus Partnership and operational and policy relationships with CENTRO (Transport Authority for the West Midlands) and the Highways Agency. BCC has a strategic relationship with National Express, which is the largest bus company in Birmingham, with a fleet of 1,500 buses, 4 depots and the longest bus route in the UK (No 11 bus, city circle route of 11miles). Like other cities outside of London, Birmingham has a deregulated bus service. BCC has responsibilities for the road systems, traffic management, control and operation. Given this, BCC works in collaboration directly with bus companies (and CENTRO) to support and enable the take up of low/zero carbon technologies within an overall policy framework for sustainable transport & mobility management.