Madrid – Abengoa Hidrógebi


Industry Partner: Abengoa Hidrógeno

Operator partner: Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid

Other stakeholder: Qi Energy




– The engineering study will consider the installation of a HRS at C.O Fuencarral bus depot. Availability of different hydrogen production sources will be assessed with particular consideration on harnessing excess renewable generation (on-site water electrolysis), exploring options for on-site reforming (e.g. biofuels steam reforming), grid balancing services and biogas availability. A modular implementation strategy for the H2 source selected with be developed. All maintenance requirements will also be included within the study.



Industry Partner: Linde

Operator partners: De Lijn

Other stakeholders: INBUREX, Linde Gas Austria

Linde AG


De Lijn

– To support De Lijn’s growing FC bus activities, a HRS will be installed at a new bus depot between Antwerp and Mechelen soon to be commissioned. The engineering study will evaluate the business cases for different H2 supply methods before selecting the most appropriate option. Multiple HRS layout options will also be evaluated. Ensuring alignment of national regulations will play a key role in the study, thus early engagement with the relevant authorities is essential.




Industry Partner: HYOP AS

Other stakeholders: OREEC, Ruter




– The “Regional Hydrogen Strategy” has defined a target to deploy 30 FC buses by 2018 and 100 by 2025. The engineering study will consider (in priority order) (a) large-scale electrolysis for a larger depot yet to be built, (b) on-site SMR fed by landfill biogas for a new HRS at the existing Leiravegen bus depot, (c) expansion of the existing FC refuelling and maintenance facilities at the Rosenholm depot.
Regional planning for the large HRS will ensure compatibility with multiple vehicle types (buses, vans, refuse vehicles, taxis and passenger cars). Note, site down-selection activities will be conducted ahead of commencing the engineering study.