Abengoa Hidrógeno


Partner description
Abengoa Hidrógeno organizes and operates businesses and activities related with the production of electricity utilizing fuel cells technologies, as well as the production of hydrogen from renewable sources, and its clean and efficient use.

Abengoa Hidrógeno has developed patented IP for both PEM electrolysis technology and reforming technologies (natural gas, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas).
Abengoa Hidrógeno shall both facilitate the engineering project.

Subcontractor brief description
QI ENERGY ASSESSMENT SL A company of engineers, economists and lawyers. Qi Energy provides business models with technological and financial assessment of emerging technologies, new products, services or cutting-edge companies. Qi are involved in strategic alliances and technology business development.


Partner description
Aberdeen City Council is a local authority in the North East of Scotland serving a population around 220,000 inhabitants. The northeast of Scotland, with its oil and gas expertise is well placed to seize opportunities to further enhance the region’s economic competitiveness by being at the forefront of a hydrogen economy. We have an opportunity to further develop and diversify the region’s energy industry, maximise the capacity and value of renewable energy and give greater energy security. The launch of the “Hydrogen Economy for Aberdeen City Region” Strategy Framework in 2013, coupled with Aberdeen’s major investments in hydrogen technology deployments have so far been very successful in raising the profile of Aberdeen as an attractive location for deploying hydrogen technologies.

Air Products

Partner description
Air Products plc (NYSE:APD) serves customers in industrial, energy, technology and healthcare markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, performance materials, and equipment and services. Founded in 1940, Air Products has built leading positions in key growth markets such as semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogen, home healthcare services, natural gas liquefaction, and the developing hydrogen energy market. The company is recognised for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety and the environment. Air Products has annual revenues of over $10 billion, operations in more than 40 countries, and 21,000 employees around the globe. It is the largest 3Rd party hydrogen producer in the world. www.airproducts.com.

Partner description
Akershus County Council is responsible for public transport in the Akershus region by bus, boat, metro and tram. Akershus County and the City of Oslo have established Ruter, a company with responsibility for conducting transport-services in Oslo and Akershus. The company aims to implement the transition to fossil free operation of all public transport vehicles by 2020.

The County Council also has a role in economic development of the region with emphasis on facilitating stronger international competitiveness of regional businesses. The Council thus facilitates and promotes cooperation between businesses and research institutions, and contributes actively to establish and strengthen arenas and networks of innovation. The main part of these projects is being undertaken in collaboration with the City of Oslo. This cooperation is organized within the framework of Regional Innovation Program for Oslo and Akershus.


Partner description
Birmingham City Council (BCC) is Europe’s largest Metropolitan authority responsible for delivery of a large number of services across the city, including Transportation policy, regeneration & economic development, Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Services. Key partnerships include the Local Economic Partnership, where Birmingham plays a key role within the Region to support transport and mobility.

Aligned to this role is the strategic relationship with the West Midlands Bus Partnership and operational and policy relationships with CENTRO (Transport Authority for the West Midlands) and the Highways Agency. BCC has a strategic relationship with National Express, which is the largest bus company in Birmingham, with a fleet of 1,500 buses, 4 depots and the longest bus route in the UK (No 11 bus, city circle route of 11miles). Like other cities outside of London, Birmingham has a deregulated bus service. BCC has responsibilities for the road systems, traffic management, control and operation. Given this, BCC works in collaboration directly with bus companies (and CENTRO) to support and enable the take up of low/zero carbon technologies within an overall policy framework for sustainable transport & mobility management.

Partner description
VVM De Lijn is an external autonomous agency of the Flemish government. Within the framework of its management contract, its mission stipulates that VVM De Lijn is responsible for strategy, planning, organization and (partially) operating public transport in Flanders. On top of the “classical” public transport activities such as urban, suburban and regional transport, VVM De lijn is also engaged in mobility management, car sharing, management of the carpool database, mobility shops and school transport.


On the operational level approximately 50% of the bus services are operated by private bus subcontractors. There are 5 decentralized regional entities, responsible for the operation in the 5 Flemish provinces. VVM De Lijn’s head office is based in Mechelen. 7600 employees work for VVM De Lijn and another 2400 working for private subcontractors.

Partner description
Element Energy is a growing practice providing strategic advice and engineering consultancy in the low carbon energy sector. Element Energy has been involved in hydrogen technology since its formation in 2003 and before that the directors at Element have been involved in hydrogen engineering projects since 1999.


Partner description
The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid – Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid – (EMT) is responsible for offering surface public transport in the city of Madrid, owned by Madrid City Council.
EMT is Spain’s largest municipal public company. EMT has available a network of 203 routes and a fleet of 1,903 vehicles, all of which now use alternative fuels. EMT has participated in multiple initiatives involving alternative transportation fuels.

H2 Logic

Partner description
H2 Logic A/S is a leading developer and manufacturer of H2Station® hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles. Since incorporation in 2003 H2 Logic has invested significantly in research and development that has brought the H2Station® technology to a level where products are offered to the market.
H2 Logic is a financially strong company that from incorporation in 2003 has achieved an accumulated positive profit (EBT) and an average annual growth in turnover by more than 30%. H2 Logic employs 38 people with highly qualified engineering and market skills and operates a dedicated R&D & production facility in Denmark with advanced laboratory and test equipment.
H2 Logic is also one among few companies worldwide that are capable of providing 700 bar refuelling in accordance to the SAE J2601.

Partner description
Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) is the largest partner within the Hamburg public transport association and the leading operator of public transport services in the metropolitan region. HOCHBAHN has been involved in fuel cell bus and hydrogen infrastructure activities for more than 10 years and has a strong political commitment to purchase only zero emissions buses from 2020 onwards following a directive from the City Council.